I usually grab a sandwich, soup or nuke leftovers and eat lunch at my desk. By the time lunch rolls around I'm too immersed and on a "roll" to get up and go outside. Today I was forced out of my chair by an important errand. As I drove back to my office it dawned on me that I had a brand new membership at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Heck, I was already in my car, so with a five minute drive I found myself nourishing my soul with art for lunch. Seeing Impressionism: Europe, America and the Northwest was just extended to March 31 which means I will be back and back and back. My eyes couldn't drink the beauty of these revolutionary painters fast enough. Renoir's The Two Sisters and sculptures of dancers by Degas cannot truly be appreciated until you've gazed upon the real thing, not just a picture online or in a book. My favorite part of the exhibit was the four miniatures by Ivan Pokitonov, a Russian Impressionist previously unknown to me. His pastoral scenes were so vividly filled with light, texture and tiny detail that I was afraid the nice security guy was going to ask me to back up. I stared at the paintings for two enriching, amazing, relaxing and wonderful minutes. What have I been doing sitting sedentary at my desk while gorgeous art waits patiently to inspire and relax my soul? I can't wait to go back.