Sorry about the blog title.  The first part reminded me of a song and it was all down hill from there.  Just count your lucky stars you can't hear me singing at this very moment.

However, last night was quite a night for the Spokane Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Why you ask?  The 14th Annual Spark Awards were last night.  Presented by the Spokane Regional MarCom Association, THE professional organization for marketing and communications professionals in the Spokane Region, the Spark Awards are given each year to honor the very best in marketing and communications efforts.

To be politically correct, the CVB enjoyed a fantastic evening winning a respectable selection of awards.  To be blunt and completely honest, we cleaned house!  Ten - count them 10 - awards!  Check out our winnings:

-2007 Annual Report:  Print Publications; Annual Reports
-Square Dance Video:  Audio Visual; Video Presentation, One-time, One-minute or longer
-2008-2009 Visitors Guide:  Print Publications; Special Publications
-Business Card Series:  Design; Logo/Organization Identity Package
-2008 Thanksgiving Card:  Design; Invitation or Greeting Card
-2008 Annual Meeting Brand:  Design; Other
-Spokefest Branding:  Design; Logo/Organization Identity Package

Excellence:  Electronic & Interactive Communications; Internet Sites (External)
-2008 Instant Gratification Media FAM:  Media Relations

But wait, there's one more.  And it's a big one.  The CVB brought home the granddaddy of all Spark Awards, The Dussault Brightest Spark Award.  This "best of show" award recognized our 2008 Instant Gratification Media FAM Tour which received perfect scores from the judges and led them to say:

"We loved this Entry!  The creators truly deserve special KUDOS for their willingness to think waaay outside of the box. They took great risk in creating the personalized tours. With so many details and components involved, they could have easily ended up with a few unhappy media travelers. But instead, thanks to great planning, hard work and creative minds, it was an overwhelming success. The campaign was quirky, creative and visually exciting. You truly deserve the Dussault Brightest Spark Award!"

-Capitol City Communicators of Boise, Idaho

Being recognized always feels good, especially when it's coming from your peers and counterparts.  We would like to extend congratulations to all of the other Spark Award winners from the Spokane Region for their excellent work.  You truly did a great job at making the judge's job exactly what it should be . . . hard.  The quality of work was amazing!  In addition, we would like to extend a special thanks to our partner organizations, Klündt Hosmer Design and Corner Booth Media, for their excellent partnership!  Hats off to you both!

Oh what a night . . .