The end of summer does not signal the end of Road Trip Season. Fall brings brisk weather, but it also brings with it a reason to don the flannel and fill a thermos full of coffee for a weekend on the interstate with good tunes and good company.

The best road trips are the ones centered on a destination — the Griswolds had Walley World; Harry Dunn and Lloyd Christmas had Aspen; Harold and Kumar went to White Castle.

Your destination? Oktoberfest at The River. It’s Spokane’s first Oktoberfest celebration and it’s the perfect event to plan your weekend getaway around. Full information about the festival can be found on the festival website, but here are some highlights:


This one’s a no-brainer. German beer is one of the highlights of every Oktoberfest celebration, and Oktoberfest at the River is no exception. Paulaner’s legendary lagers will flow from taps and fill steins all weekend.


Could it really be a German celebration without schnitzel? Spokane’s own German pub, Das Stein Haus, will provide classic bratwurst, pork shanks, pretzels, schnitzel and more to keep appetites satisfied during the festival.


Fear not, this festival is about more than eating and drinking. German musical groups will keep the party roaring throughout the festival. The headliner, Manuela Horn, is one you don’t want to miss. She’s a yodeling, dancing and acting comedic force of nature and she is spectacular.

Weiner Dog Races

This needs no explanation. Sunday, 3:00pm. Don’t miss it.