I admit it.  I've always had a strange fascination with vampires.  One just has to think about the totally HOT movie Draculas of the past, from those old school blood suckers like Bela Lugosi and Jack Palance... to Brad Pitt and the mysterious Gary Oldman.  Sigh. 

But I managed to keep myself safe from the blood-sucking fray this past weekend.  All it took was a trip to the Whitehouse in Post Falls... a jam packed, frenetically paced, hub bub of a place where great food and garlic (along with occasional belly dancers) reign supreme. Really, I cant think of anywhere else the stinky bulb finds poetic justice as vividly as it does in their beyond yummy Mediterranean meals.  I personally snarfed up tabouli lettuce wraps, something called a "Turkish Cigar", (crispy phylo dough, feta, garlic and spinach) and some perfectly grilled sea bass on rice that was as least as much butter and garlic as grain. And their baklava, although garlic free, was, as the vampires would say... simply to die for! 

Our table of eight tested Townshend's T3 and Barrister's Syrah to see which could best stand up to the multitude of savory dishes we'd ordered.  Oddly, once the bottles were empty... there was no declared winner and we had to order two more bottles. Darn.

I'm a bit more vulnerable to those biting bad boys this week as I'm headed for LA and neglected to pack my garlic clove necklace.  (Even though I think you might still smell the garlic on my breath.)  But since I'm going to tinsel town, maybe I'll at least get lucky and run into Brad and Gary.  Sigh.