So we're here... just innocently making our way to the Staples Center on another sunny morning in LA.  The birds are tweeting, sirens are blaring and suddenly the LA calm is pierced by the sound of a familiar voice... that sweet, scintillating voice of... yep, Gavin Rossdale.  Now let's just say, it's a bit of an odd mix.  But the venue across the street from Staples Center, LA Live, is a blend of unique things including apparently, early morning concerts.

So cool.  I vote for major stars to come out on my Spokane morning walks.  Think of it.  We could just get all the traveling acts to stay up late at the Knitting Factory, INB and Arena long enough to be available for my walk through town (which is early, I promise.)

Skating fans are excited today about the 2010 event in Spokane and we've sold tons of ticket packages and booked lots of hotels.  But I'll keep you up to date as well on any more star sightings while I'm here in LA LA land.  It does add to the interesting (and somewhat weird) ambience of this place.

More adventures to come.