For those of you who are vegetarians or fans of fancy, dainty sandwiches that offer more style than substance; first, I don't understand you nor do I care to, and second, this blog isn't for you.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to sandwiches.  Give me some quality bread, load it with meat, slap some cheese on it and add a little, and I mean very little mayo and mustard, and I'm a happy man.  Unfortunately, it's tough to find such a sandwich in a day and age when health and style have taken precedence over taste and actually getting full.  What is this world coming to?!

However, there are still a few traditional sandwich strongholds left.  And Domini's (703 W Sprague), located in downtown Spokane, is my favorite.  First off, I like this place because it's a local family-run shop.  I would even consider it an Institution, as it's been around since 1950.  Secondly, you get a bowl/bag of popcorn with every order.  Awesome!  Thirdly, the ingredients.  Fresh baked bread, freshly sliced, quality meats and cheeses and a few condiments to choose from.  That's it!  And finally, the portions.  These sandwiches are big!  Sometimes fitting your mouth around them is a task in itself.  The half will suffice as a lunch for most people, while the small could be considered very filling and the large . . . well, you better have one heck of an appetite.

So, the next time it hits the noon hour and you find yourself hungry, head to Domini's.  You won't be hungry for long.  Any other traditional lunchtime strongholds I don't know about?