For Night #1 of the big 10-day week, my wife and I rolled out to Ringo's, a little outta-the-way place in Spokane Valley. Ringo's, as you know, is a casino and it's got that high-energy feel one would expect. When we sat down, our server told us about the night's specials and, after a pause, said, "Oh, and we have this special menu for something called ‘Spokane Restaurant Week.'" We told her, "That's why we're here!" and it was off to the get-down-chow-down races.

There were three appetizer choices and I don't think I even really read the second two...because when I saw "Sliders" as an option, that was it. Sliders are one of the kindest inventions in the history of humankind. My wife and I both ordered them and when our server delivered two plates with three sliders each, I knew I'd be having four. Sure enough, my somewhat miniature wife gave me one of hers. I love that woman.

For the main course, I opted for the New York Strip wife had the Swai and Grilled Prawn Skewer Neapolitan. My steak was good - a little tough, okay, I'll admit it. Tasty as heck, but a little tough. My wife's dish was better than mine and, again, she's such a lovely, sharing girl. I do sometimes worry, while I'm leaning over taking another bite from her plate, whether or not she's getting enough to eat.

When it came time for dessert, we could choose molten chocolate cake (which I did) or deep fried cheesecake (which my wife did)or a piece of pie (which we didn't). The desserts were enough for a team of lacrosse players. They were huge! And tasty. I liked the chocolate cake better than the deep fried cheese cake, which reminded me of those funky foods you can get at state fairs. My wife, as usual, ate more dessert than me. She practically inhaled one whole deep fried cheesecake-changas (as in chimichanga...which is what these things looked like). She eats too many sweets and I may have to speak with her about this.

So, in the end, I was stuffed. The best part was our server, was such a great person. Super nice and great at her job. Ringo's wasn't on my radar before, but I'm glad I went!