Just a few weeks ago, I went to a show at Spokane's very own concert house, the Knitting Factory. I'm not usually one for concerts but this place totally reeled me in! Not only does it attract some big name performers, it's also an amazing venue. "The Knit," as locals call it, is right in the heart of Spokane's entertainment district and is super close to cool hotels like the Davenport Hotel & Tower and Hotel Ruby (that way you can sleep downtown after the show!)

The Knitting Factory is a beautifully designed building with musically themed architecture and décor like the bench made out of musical instruments right outside. As for the inside, there's really no such thing as a bad seat in the house! Since it's an all-ages venue, the place is divided into two sections - a standing-only area right below the band and a bar area in the back with all kinds of seating. In the bar, you can even sit above the stage on the balcony (but make sure you get there early to grab a spot!)

The acoustics of the Knitting Factory make for a quality performance and it's tons of fun to get right next to the stage. It's sweet getting that close to the performers! I was even lucky enough to meet Doug Oliver, the drummer for one of the bands we saw after he played his set!

I moved around quite a bit at the show and it seemed like everywhere I went, I could see the band fairly easily (and I'm pretty short so that's impressive!) Plus, The Knitting Factory servers were super great! They were fun to joke around with and really easy-going (and they even had my favorite bubblegum flavored vodka!)

After the show, my friends and I set our course to the Satellite Diner (which always serves awesome late night food.) It was only a five minute walk to get there and let me tell you, they've got some great hot wings! They were crispy and packed with flavor - some of the best in Spokane, I'd say.

So next time you're in town, check out The Knitting Factory for a show - I promise you'll have a great time!