Ah, yes! The Lime Scooters are back and we’re so pumped! It isn’t a true summer in Spokane without Lime around town. 

Scoot Spokane is a partnership between Visit Spokane and Lime that provides visitors and locals with the information on how to find Lime Scooters, how to use them safely, and where to explore once you hop on. The following itineraries will provide you with access to different districts within Spokane that may be too far for some to walk, making them the perfect scooting distance.

How to Scoot Spokane

  1. Download the Lime app (Apple Store) (Google Play)

  2. Scan or enter code to unlock

  3. Click "End Ride" in the app to end your trip

  4. Take a picture of the scooter to end your ride.

Safety Tips

Always follow helmet laws

Lime Scooter Safety Helmet

Apply brakes to slow down/stop

Picture of breaks

Do a pre-ride safety check

Scooter Preride check

Always follow traffic laws

Lime Scooter Traffic Laws

Be mindful of road obstructions

Lime Scooter road obstructions

Park properly by curbside

Lime Scooter parking graphic

Don't ride on sidewalks in Downtown

Lime no riding on sidewalks



Kendall Yards


Killer views, hip restaurants, multiple wineries, and a whole art collective. Kendall Yards started as a blank canvas on the north bank of the Spokane River. Armed with a vision and a solid design plan, developers converted the old rail yard into the funky, fun neighborhood it is today.


The urban neighborhood is filled with shops, restaurants, and drinkeries. Stop and enjoy the river views below or sit on the patio as you enjoy a glass of wine from Nectar or Maryhill Winery.

Browne’s Addition


As Spokane’s oldest neighborhood, Browne’s Addition is a fine example of Spokane's history and the result of some of the city’s earliest visionaries. Filled with stately Victorian mansions, small Arts & Crafts bungalows and mid-century apartment buildings, this neighborhood is now an energetic, artistic and eclectic area to experience.


Browne’s Addition has a handful of inventive restaurants, coffee shops, and public artwork. Inside the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, you’ll find rotating exhibits sure to pique the interest of any curious mind. Step back in time and experience what it’s like to live in the 1900s Spokane opulence with a tour of the Campbell House.

South Perry District


Spokane’s Perry District is the embodiment of revival and rebirth. New growth and development make it a perfect mix of new and old for any traveler to experience.


Cruise down the main drag on Perry Street and you’ll find a pedestrian-friendly area filled with couples and families shopping, people sitting on patios drinking locally brewed beer at Perry Street Brewing, or enjoy amazing grub from the variety of surrounding restaurants.

Garland District


A walkable and scootable neighborhood, the Garland District is where visitors can explore art galleries and antique shops while stopping in at record and book stores all under the shadow of some of the city’s beloved landmarks.


In the northwest corner of the neighborhood, visitors are greeted by the historic Garland Theater. Following multiple restorations, the theater now boasts modern technology while maintaining its classic charms. Visitors can enjoy new and classic movies. Just down the street is the iconic Milk Bottle. Built in 1935 as a retail storefront for dairy products, Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle is now a 1950s style diner.