Craft Beer Week in Spokane

Today marks the inauguration of Spokane Craft Beer Week, a new tradition that will undoubtedly become a regional favorite in the coming years. While for some, every week is a celebration of the beverage that built civilization—no, seriously—the week of May 11-17 brings with it events that will pull even the most consistent barfly to a new watering hole.

To proclaim this event a mere celebration of the Inland Northwest’s ever-growing list of breweries would be to neglect the logistical triumph that is the true highlight of this week’s celebration: collaboration beers.  Casting aside (potentially imaginary) combination safes and padlocked vaults that guard secret recipes and techniques, 12 local breweries have teamed up to produce six unique brews that will be featured at events throughout the week. Beers with names like Tower of Sour, JazzyWag and Barn City Flower Power will stir that ineffable desire to try one more pint.

You can find a full list of events at Spokane Craft Beer Week’s official website, but here are a few highlights to help you make the most of the celebration:

May 11

Monday marks the start of the festivities, and to celebrate, two collaboration beers will be released at their respective locations. Get a group together and head to Manito Tap House on the South Hill for an offering created by the joint efforts of Perry Street Brewing and Manito Tap House starting at 5:00pm. Or head east to Spokane Valley’s own 12 String Brewing to try their collaboration with Laughing Dog Brewing, starting at 3pm.

May 12

Numerous collaboration beers will be released on Tuesday, but if you’d like to make a trip up north, you can catch an educational offering from Republic Brewing Company. Beer 101 will feature a tour of RBC where you can sample some delicious beers while you learn about the ingredients and processes that go into making them.

May 13

Enjoy a mid-week meal with local brews at two Spokane hotspots. For a smokin’ deal on a pint, check out the Checkerboard Bar. They’ll be serving $1.25 River City Brewing specials along with some delicious grub. If you’re looking for more of a fine-dining experience, you’ll want to look into the six course Beer and Food pairing offered by Durkin’s Liquor Bar. You’ll want to call ahead to make reservations, as space is limited.

May 14

Ever wondered what it is about beer that makes it so delicious? They might not hand over their secret recipes, but you can poke and prod at the processes that make your favorite drink possible at the open house brewery tour at Perry Street Brewing from 5-6pm. If you’d like to stay in the neighborhood, Lantern Tap House will be hosting a limited tapping of an exclusive beer from 12 String Brewing.

May 15

Sick of beer yet? I didn’t think so. Head out to Spokane Valley to try some food and beer specials at English Setter Brewing, and stay for a tour of the brewery from 6-8pm. Once you’ve had your fill, head on over to 12 String Brewing and enjoy some great beer and accompanying food from 3 Ninjas Food Truck. 12 String will also be releasing something called Tequila Mango Mambo, which should be reason enough stop by.

May 16

Saturday will host big events for Spokane Craft Beer Week, including the already sold out Small Batch Festival at No-Li. If you weren’t able to grab tickets for the Small Batch Festival, be sure to check out the 2nd Annual Stella Strong Whole Hog Benefit Auction. Located at the Lantern Tap House, the event will feature the release of Lantern’s Summer SPF Ale, with $1 from every pint going to benefit Stella, a six-year old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia last summer. Get your tickets here before they’re all gone.

May 17

As Craft Beer Week winds down on Sunday, make a drive up to beautiful Green Bluff to enjoy live music and brews at Big Barn Brewing. Big Barn offers a unique, sustainable approach to brewing, sourcing their ingredients from their own farm and surrounding growers in Green Bluff.

Be sure to check out a full schedule of events at