As we start to delve further into holiday shopping season, it's time to figure out where to find the most unique gift for the person you're buying for. Sure you could just get a gift card, but where is the personal touch in that? Why not try a specialty store?


City of Spokane - Shopping

Spokane has more than 30 locally owned shops that all feature a little something different. Auntie's is an independent bookstore that has books in pretty much every genre you can imagine. aNeMonE features flower bouquets, hair accessories and more all made from paper, a unique gift you can't find anywhere else. There are also many shopping districts that have multiple clothing boutiques. These historic locations are fun to check out and they offer the latest trends without breaking the bank.


Most shops are found in the downtown area with a few exceptions. Look here for a full shopping directory, and click on the "Show Map" icon for a map of the specialty store locations.


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