Spokane would like to welcome all NCAA tournament-goers! From Maryland to Hawaii and all places in between, you’ve come to watch your team battle for glory. You’ve left the familiar behind and landed in Spokane. Which got us to thinking, how can we make you feel at home in the Northwest? Of course, we can’t compete with your crab cakes (Maryland) nor can we recreate your beaches (Hawaii). But we can introduce you to our local way of life. Here’s how we do things around here:

California: You do trolleys. We do gondolas.
No need for trolley dodging – we prefer to travel by air! Check out the Spokane Falls SkyRide, named by Conde Nast as one of the top 12 gondola rides in the world.

Hawaii: You do waves. We do rapids.
One thing we can agree on: nature’s hydraulic wonders are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Check out the roaring Spokane Falls for our version.

Maryland: You do crab. We do salmon.
There are so many great restaurants where you can get this iconic local dish. A few suggestions to get you started: Clinkerdagger, Anthony's at Spokane Falls and Milford's Fish House.

South Dakota State: You do cold weather. We do less cold weather.
According to Wikipedia, you get 36 days a year with sub-zero temperatures. Respect! While our winters are chilly, things will be warming up just in time for the tournament. Enjoy a walk along the Centennial Trail, where you’ll find crashing waterfalls, spectacular views and (most likely) sunny skies.

Oregon: You do Nike. We do No-Li.
Shipped nationally, one of our favorite local brands of craft beer is No-Li Brewhouse. Check out the brewery and restaurant just east of downtown Spokane. 

Holy Cross: You do Green Hill Park. We do Riverfront Park.
Wow. We thought our park was big. Spanning over 480-acres, Worcester’s Green Hill Park is certainly impressive, but we trust that our 100-acre Riverfront Park – which is jam-packed with attractions – will entertain you.

St. Joseph’s: You do Ben Franklin. We do Chief Joseph.
Philadelphia’s rich with history, but Spokane’s no lightweight. Chief Joseph, a legendary Nez Perce leader, fought for his people as they resisted forceful removal from their ancestral lands. Although he died tragically from what his doctor called “a broken heart,” his wise words live on. Learn more about the Nez Perce at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture’s Nuunimnix exhibit.

Cincinnati:  You do riverboats. We do stairs.
Okay, it may seem like you have the upper hand on this one, but the cascading stairs that skirt the thundering Spokane Falls in Huntington Park are nothing short of spectacular – allowing viewers to get remarkably close to the enormous rapids.

One bracket isn't enough?
It wouldn't be March Madness without a healthy dose of bracketing. Help us determine the ultimate Spokane icon by filling out a Spokane Madness bracket. Contestants can enter to win a $50 gift card and VIP Tour of No-Li Brewhouse!

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