SkyRideIt was a chilly Saturday in November. I didn't know what was going to happen that day except that my boyfriend, Nick, had the day all planned out and I needed to be ready by 10:30am.

I left my house at 10:30 on the dot, anxious to see what he had in store. Surprisingly, Nick wasn't there but my sister instead. Excited to see her but also confused, I asked her "what's the deal?" She then gave me a letter from Nick explaining that he had planned the perfect day, starting with a trip to my favorite used bookstore in Spokane, Book Traders in the Garland District. Off we went!

After purchasing a book, we wandered through some of the shops. Garland is such a fun area to do some local antique and thrift shopping! Then it was time for the next letter, which included tickets to see a movie at the nostalgic Garland Theater, a favorite spot of mine in Spokane.

Once the movie was over, the real scavenger hunt began. A series of letters took us to places that were significant to Nick and me: the Spokane Arena, the Flour Mill, the Hutton Building and Chicken-N-More (we probably seem really odd now....but to those couples who have significant spots, you know that sometimes the obscure places deliver the best memories).

Finally, it was time to meet up with Nick at Riverfront Park. As soon as the three of us were together I had to go to the bathroom (great timing, right?) When I came back out, I saw my sister sprinting back to her car. Nick said not to worry about it that we would meet up with her again later, for now it was time for us. We started walking through the park, and Nick suggested we get tickets for the SkyRide, never having been on it before. I have a soft spot for the Spokane Falls and knowing that it dropped down right in front of the cascading water I couldn't resist. We bought the tickets and jumped on the gondola.

What happened next was a moment I will never forget. Initially, we talked and just enjoyed each other's company. Coming back up the loop, we were about to pass the falls for the second time and I heard Nick fiddling around in his pocket. He then turned to me and told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I couldn't believe it! Such a happy moment in such a beautiful setting. When the ride was over, my sister was waiting there to take pictures of us. It truly was the perfect day.
Nick and Peyton
Born and raised in Spokane, I can honestly say I love this city. The fact that our engagement day involved so many iconic Spokane locations made it that much more special. It also got me thinking....there are probably other couples in Spokane who have shared similar iconic Spokane proposals, dates, weddings, etc. I would love to hear about them! Comment below and share the love!