Every great metropolitan city has one.  It's chic, it's cool and it represents the city to visitors and locals alike.  I'm not talking about a high-class restaurant or a trendy boutique.  I'm talking about a quality lifestyle magazine.  Seattle boasts Seattle Metropolitan.  Portland touts Portland Monthly.  But what about Spokane?

Up until this past August, Spokane was like Cinderella, waiting for a magazine to sweep it off of its feet.  Countless suitors (who'll remain nameless) have come and gone, trying valiantly, yet unsuccessfully to win Spokane's love.  But in the end they were like a too small shoe - they just didn't fit.

And then along came Spokane Metro (www.spokanemetromag.com).  If a magazine could ride in on a white horse, it would have.  But for the sake of this blog we'll pretend its publishers rode in on a white horse - all three on the same horse of course - and stole Spokane's heart with their smart, stylish and sophisticated rag about Spokane city living.

Great photography and fantastic writing set Spokane Metro apart as it informs readers about the latest and greatest going down in Spokane.  Looking to find who the movers and shakers are?  Open up Metro.  Want to get the inside scoop on where to live, play and do business.  Open up Metro.  If you haven't subscribed yet, you should - right now!

Have you read Spokane Metro?  What did you think of it?