Pizza is a big deal. To some, it's Friday night take-out. To others, it's a sit down experience with a pitcher of beer and the game on TV. Either way you slice it, pizza is an American staple. In my opinion, the Spokane pizza scene is on par with the best and most famous cities and we're only getting better. Let me explain…

As a bachelor, pizza was as common in my diet as beer. After college, I actually picked my rental houses based on their proximity to good pizza, so I feel confident in discussing my pizza biases. I have moved away from take-out and landed in the realm of "fancy pizza". Here are my four criteria for judging a pizza joint.


Some prefer thin crust, others like deep dish. I have narrowed in on what I prefer but that doesn't mean something different can't tantalize my taste buds.


Putting new and exciting things together that may have been perceived as strange in the past. For example, who would've thought duck confit, hard boiled eggs, Siracha, arugula, truffle oil and seafood would ever belong on a pizza? May seem odd, but don't knock it until you've tried it. My motto: "I'll try anything twice."


If you're like me, pizza night is an experience. You are usually out with friends and half the fun is hanging out or watching the game.


This is really important. Much like wine lovers will pair their grapes with their fish, why not pair your IBU (internal bitter unit- basically how hoppy is the beer) with your pizza?

There you have it. Feel free to use my criteria for your own Spokane pizza experience or share your deciding factors in the comments below. Most importantly, take a few minutes to contribute to this survey. We want to know what makes a great pizza and where to find it. Stop keeping your spot a secret and share it with the world. That way we all benefit and the Spokane pizza scene will only get better.


Help us get the low-down on Spokane’s best pizza. Take the survey, then be sure to check back here for the results. Results will be posted in the comment section (below) just in time for Spokane Restaurant Week February 22-March 3, 2013

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