Sometimes what I need is a nice crispy salad with lots of veggies. A big salad. You know, like Elaine from Seinfeld used to say " It's a salad, only bigger with lots of stuff in it." But let's be real...what I USUALLY want is something that sticks to my ribs. What does that mean anyway? I searched in vain for the origin of "stick to your ribs." The image I get is a delicious piece of meatloaf covered in mashed potatoes and gravy stuck to my ribs, sustaining me for hours, leaving me satisfied in a way a crispy little salad just doesn't. By the way, this will not be the blog where we talk about calories at all. Instead, this is a blog about finding awesome comfort food in Spokane! Read on.

Saranac LogoMac and Cheese
I mean, c'mon! Pasta and gooey, melty cheese. You know you probably shouldn't, but you just have to. Oh by the way, I'm not talking the boxed kind. I may be talking about your Aunt Virginia's or your Granny's. I mean the REAL kind with REAL cheese (sorry cheese that starts with a "V"... I don't mean you) and baked till golden brown and deeee-licious! I'm partial to the kind that has bacon in it and the bread crumbs on top. Saranac Public House makes a great mac and cheese with five, count ‘em, five kinds of cheese and fresh cream. The smoked bacon is a little extra but so worth it. They also have a great grilled meatloaf...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Satellite LogoBreakfast
The morning after my wedding I was so dang hungry that the first thing that popped out of my newly married mouth was "TAKE ME TO BREAKFAST...NOW." My husband was slightly frightened and promptly delivered me to the Satellite Diner. I ordered and ate the following: a Denver omelette, hash browns, two pieces of buttered toast, a biscuit and a pancake. I licked the plate. The Satellite excels in comfort food and I love their burgers and fries, sandwiches and soups, but sometimes I just want a big honking breakfast.

Frank's LogoAnother fabulous option is Frank's Diner. They consistently deliver big portions of well-cooked hash browns, eggs like you like them, sausage, bacon and the fantastic carb of your choice. I'm partial to a biscuit with butter and honey....but to each his or her own breakfast carbohydrate! There are many other options of course and it's all delivered with old-fashioned good service and humor. The Flying Pig also has a dizzying array of breakfast wonders if you've never been there before. The Breakfast Pig has a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, meat, veggies on French toast. Hello!

Meat loaf SaranacMeat Inspired Deliciousness
Topping this list is meatloaf, though, like fruitcake, it can be controversial. My humble opinion is that meatloaf, done right, can be culinary heaven! Made of high quality beef with a tangy-sweet sauce on top and cooked until firm, but not dry, is the ticket! Slop some mashed potatoes beside it and get out of my way! As mentioned above the Saranac does a great grilled meatloaf, taking this classic a step further.

O doherty's logo
You want some stick to your ribs food try O'Doherty's Irish Grille. There's nothing heartier than Irish stew. Shepherd's Pie brings together two favorites, beef and mashed potatoes, in one dish! Plus, there are vegetables, which means you can have dessert. If you've never had Irish-inspired food before get a pastie. It's stew essentially, wrapped in a piecrust. Yes, please and twice on Sunday!

Really, so many comfort foods in Spokane, so little time! I covered but a tiny tip of the iceberg of comfort food dining options. Please feel free to share your own below.