I remember hearing the sound of the ice cream truck driving through my neighborhood as a kid. I remember racing inside to dig up a dollar bill or two, just in time to catch the truck as it drove by my house. I remember how excited I was over the simple pleasure of an ice cream sandwich.

I also remember how annoying that music was! Every time the ice cream truck comes by my house now, I curse at the song that is now firmly stuck in my head.

So how can you avoid it? You can't. But to kill the pain of hearing it again, head out to your favorite local ice cream joints! All sorts of flavors await you with no corny songs involved (well, except at one - more on that in a moment).

First, stop by Ben & Jerry's in River Park Square. The Kings of clever flavors boast mind boggling concoctions like Triple Caramel Chunk, Cherry Garcia, Double Mudslide, Cinnamon Buns and a whole lot more. My top choice tends to be Peanut Butter Cup, but Cake Batter sounds pretty enticing, too.

Next stop on your Brain Freeze Tour needs to be The Scoop, at 1001 W. 25th. This hidden gem is known for its locally-made ice cream from Brain Freeze Creamery. Cakey Cream tasted great when I had it, so you should try it too! You can also down a milkshake while sitting outside on the patio at this great South Hill location.

Spokaneites from yesteryear may remember Doyle's Ice Cream Parlor on Boone Avenue. New owners have put this place back on the map, so dig in to some Chocolate Thunder! This old fashioned joint is a must stop that will take you back to 1939 - the parlor's first year of business.

Then head north to Cold Stone Creamery to have some ice cream and possibly hear a song or two. That's right - if you tip, they'll sing loud and proud. It's quite the setting! Imagine sitting down to eat your cookies and cream, and suddenly a song breaks out! Hopefully it won't be an annoying one like the ice cream truck.

Technically not ice cream, but frozen yogurt deserves an honorable mention. FroYo Earth just opened in downtown Spokane and it's quite the hit among locals. This self-serve frozen yogurt store lets customers choose from ten different flavors. You can serve a little or serve a lot, and it's only 39 cents an ounce. This is a must-stop on the Brain Freeze Tour if you ask me!

So, now your tongue is probably frozen, thus slurring your speech, but wasn't that the most fun ice cream headache you've ever had? I'm sure I've missed some ice cream joints, so speak up and let us in on your favorites.