There's no denying it, the time has come and I'm going to be... (gulp) a senior in college. Where the heck did the years go?! But I'm ready to tackle my fourth and final year at Gonzaga University and go out with a bang! After living in Spokane for three school years (and one awesome summer!), I've learned a thing or two about living it up in the Spokane region.

Freshman Year: I was without a car. Bummer, right? Nope - not in Spokane! My friends and I (with the help of a sweet pair of walking shoes) set out to explore our new whereabouts. Many afternoons were spent exploring running paths, the Centennial Trail and downtown Spokane where I solemnly vowed to try a new eatery each month. Luigi's gnocchi became a slight addiction... yum! And movies at River Park Square afterwards became a ritual.

Sophomore Year: Feeling a little more comfortable with my new surroundings, it was time to branch out and be adventurous. First up, Green Bluff for Apple Festival! And nothing fuels my donut obsession like fresh, pumpkin donuts. So delicious! Another great weekend adventure was Scarywood at Silverwood Theme Park just 45 minutes out of downtown in North Idaho. It was chock full of Halloween glory. What better way to release mid-term stress than riding the creepy coasters and dodging attacking zombies!

Junior Year: Outdoor shenanigans were the name of the game. Mini camping trips and floating the Spokane River became routine, but I must admit - I never thought I'd go snowshoeing and snow caving at Mt. Spokane... and needless to say, I absolutely loved it!

So with it being my senior year, my roomies and I kicked it off by experiencing our first night out on the town before classes began. We danced the night away and had a great evening at MarQuee Lounge! Since we all love to run, discovering the Flying Irish Running Club was the perfect fit and it's safe to say my weekends will now begin with Thursday evening jogs and post-run celebrations with a pint at O'Doherty's (and maybe one of their righteous salmon sandwiches!) Who's with me?

It's still a mystery as to what new adventures I'll find myself in this year, but since Spokane always
has tons of fun stuff to do, I'm sure I'll be busy making lots of new memories!