Do you remember typewriters, phones with blinking lights and a hold button? Remember carbon paper? I do! These were the tools of my craft back in the '70's when I started my office career. I also remember how sexual harassment was considered a right to those in power instead of a crime. Where's this all coming from, you ask? Well, I had the chance to attend last night's opening production of 9 to 5 - The Musical, and it was an incredible show (and really made me think!)

This Broadway musical, performed on the gorgeous stage of the INB Performing Arts Center, looked back on an era with lots of humor, great music and talented performers. While I was laughing out loud, I couldn't help but appreciate the tremendous changes in the way professional women are treated in the last 30 years. The three women portrayed on the stage last night each had challenges in their personal lives that made it necessary for them to work. They were underpaid, belittled, chased and passed over for promotions. Their drug-induced fantasies of revenge were absolutely hysterical! But the real-life changes they made in their work environment were serious moves forward for women everywhere - including me.

As I sat next to the CEO of the company I work for, I wondered if she would even have been considered for her position 30 years ago. Thank you Violet, Judy and Doralee along with the millions like you that have fought for equality for women in the workplace. And thanks to WestCoast Entertainment for bringing this fantastic Best of Broadway performance to Spokane! The show was video-narrated by Dolly Parton who played Doralee in the original movie. She also wrote of most of the songs for the show! At the end of the performance, her video presence said "If you liked the show, tell your friends" and this is my way of telling my friends to get out and see this show (or any Best of Broadway show, for that matter!) This one will most definitely have you laughing out loud, and I'm sure it'll also make you think about how far we have come. It sure did for me!