The Grateful Dead, The Boondock Saints and Disc Golf. Not three things you'd normally see bunched in the same sentence. But trust me, they have one thing in common that keeps them alive: a strong cult-like following (I like two out of the three. I'm not one of those Dead Heads).

Some people call it disc golf, some people call it Frisbee golf. Some people call it "dolfing", some people call it "frolfing." Whatever funny name it's called, it's incredibly fun!

I went dolfing - that's the term I use - last week at High Bridge Park and I have to tell you: the wind blows. Seriously, just when you think you've thrown the disc straight, a gust of wind snatches it up and sends it to the bushes to be swallowed. But minus the wind gusts, dolf was great!

Really, what better way to spend a nice afternoon or evening than at the dolf course? As you know, Spokane has 33 great golf courses, but did you know our two public dolf courses are just as fun? High Bridge is great for beginners since, well, there's no river to lose your disc in. Beware of the trees though. They tend to get in the way.

The dolf course at Downriver - next to Downriver Golf Course - is a nice place to play once you feel comfortable and confident throwing the disc. The Spokane River rushes right alongside the course, so stay dry and stay alive with your throws. Thankfully, I haven't experienced a wet dolf game (crossing fingers!)

Spokane's two private courses - Stimpi Ridge and Four Mounds - also offer a nice getaway. Both even have a pro shop! Four Mounds is tough and has 55 holes, so you can get real good, real fast.

The Spokane Disc Golf Association (SDGA) is all dolf all the time. Dolf/Frolf tournaments are listed on their website so make plans to join us in Spokane and dolf your heart out! These dolfers and frolfers are serious.

Head across the border into Idaho and test your dolf and frolf skills at Corbin Park in Post Falls. Coeur d'Alene has Cherry Hill Park, and Athol has Farragut State Park. All are prime places to let your disc soar.

Every time I play, I love it more and more. And whatever name I give it, it's still the same game. So pack your disc and experience this addicting game with the funny name! The Spokane air awaits you.

You'll love it, and no knickers or argyle socks required.