I decided to visit Bistango during Spokane Restaurant Week and had a blast! Here are a few things I learned:

1. Bistango Serves Food
I'’ve been to Bistango before several times with my husband, and like many patrons, I just assumed they were only good at making martinis (well, they are excellent at making martinis). However, during Spokane Restaurant Week I had the chance to experience the food. Not only was I surprised to find out that they did, in fact, serve a variety of dishes, but that the food was incredible.

Bistango was offering a three course meal for $18/per person during Spokane Restaurant Week. I had the Grecian Salad, Coconut Shrimp and Chocolate Cream Pie Martini. My husband had the Calamari Steak, Beef Kabob, and Key Lime Pie Martini. We were both impressed with the dishes, but we were delighted to to be able to complement the owner directly. Reema, the owner, was in that night. We raved about the food, and she raved about the success of Spokane Restaurant Week.

2. Bistango Has a Happy Hour
This probably shouldn't have been shocking to me, as most restaurants and bars offer Happy Hour menus. I don’t think I’d ever been to Bistango earlier than 7pm. Their happy hour runs from 4pm to 6pm and offers excellent prices on a variety of drinks. We will certainly be visiting Bistango during Happy Hour again!

3. Bistango Offers Live Music
Up in the front corner of the bar, at about eye level, is a small stage approximately two feet by two feet. You wouldn't notice unless there was someone sitting on it. That’s exactly why we noticed it. We visited Bistango on the last Friday of Spokane Restaurant Week and they had brought in local musician, Tommy G. Tommy sat on a bar stool up on the small stage and was performing with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a small amplifier. The music helped set an atmosphere that made the intimate space seem even more intimate and personal.

So, now you know Bistango has much more than signature martinis. Check it out!