Did you make a dent in your kissing list this weekend?  If you did, have no fear because more locales are on the way!

Here's the deal.  I've sacrificed so that your romantic relationships can flourish.  Through countless hours of in-depth, hands on research, I have compiled a list of the 14 BEST places to lock lips in Spokane.  Why 14 you ask?  Because I want you to respond with your favorite spot to complete the list of 15!  Great idea - I know!  But don't think this is going to be your traditional "Best of" or "Top ___" list.  Why?  Because I'm not going to give you all 14 at once.  That would be way too much for one person to handle!  Instead, you're going to get them one by one.  So make sure you haven't missed a single spot!   

Now grab your Chap Stick, breath mints and that special someone, and start smooching your way through the Top 14 Places to Kiss in Spokane.

4.  Bowl & Pitcher Overlook - Riverside State Park:  For those of you who've read my stuff before, you know I dig this place.  If you haven't read my stuff, shame on you, and now you know.  Why the overlook?  Three reasons:  The Spokane River is rushing through the Bowl & Pitcher directly below you, it's peaceful and you're surrounded by nature.  All great things when trying to nab a kiss.  My recommendation - grab some headlamps and head to the overlook at night.  With the river and stars in place, all you have to focus on is not screwing it up.