Five down, nine more to go! 

Here's the deal.  I've sacrificed so that your romantic relationships can flourish.  Through countless hours of in-depth, hands on research, I have compiled a list of the 14 BEST places to lock lips in Spokane.  Why 14 you ask?  Because I want you to respond with your favorite spot to complete the list of 15!  Great idea - I know!  But don't think this is going to be your traditional "Best of" or "Top ___" list.  Why?  Because I'm not going to give you all 14 at once.  That would be way too much for one person to handle!  Instead, you're going to get them one by one.  So make sure you haven't missed a single spot!   

Now grab your Chap Stick, breath mints and that special someone, and start smooching your way through the Top 14 Places to Kiss in Spokane.

5.  Arbor Crest Wine Cellars:  Wine is an aphrodisiac.  It's a mood setter.  So it would make sense that a winery would be a good place for that perfect kiss.  But Arbor Crest is not your normal winery.  Arbor Crest smacks "good" around with its perfectness when it comes to kissing location excellence (and yes, I did just write perfectness).  Perched atop a 450-foot tall basalt cliff, Arbor Crest offers sweeping views of the Spokane River valley, immaculately kept grounds and award-winning wines.  If you can't get in the mood up here, you need to check your pulse!  My recommendation - knock his/her socks off and make a night of it!  Head up to Arbor Crest on a Sunday for their Summer Concert Series.  With live music playing in the background, and the sun setting, grab a glass of wine and make your way to the cliff edge for a scenic, savory and memorable kiss.

Have you read all five kissing locations?  Or is this your first one?  Check out locations 1-4.

1.  Manito Park Rose Hill Garden

2.  Riverfront Park Rotary Fountain

3.  Steam Plant Smokestack

4.  Bowl & Pitcher Overlook - Riverside State Park