Cupid, that chubby cherub, is pulling back his bow … which means one thing…Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I can already hear the collective groan. I know what you’re thinking – that V-Day is just a Hallmark holiday where you’re forced to buy stuff for your beloved for no other reason than “you’re supposed to or you get in trouble.” However, Valentine’s Day is an ancient holiday that started waaaay before Hallmark! The whole sending of heart-shaped Valentines and confections comes from the middle ages in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer but actually goes back even farther to the 5th Century. So yes, you still have to buy something for your sweetheart. Oh by the way, when we say that we don’t want chocolate because it’s fattening, we’re lying. We do want chocolate. And secretly, we will be happy when we open up some beautiful box full of silky sweet morsels of chocolate-y goodness. Here’s a list of some impressive chocolate treats you can find in Spokane.

Spokandy ChocloatesSpokandy Chocolatier

Spokandy has been making delicious treats for 100 years. They have huckleberry goodies, candy bars, truffles and mints. Since we are giving love to the chocolate, I’d go for the 4-piece sea salt covered in a luscious coat of chocolate. You pop one of those babies in your mouth and you get that perfect bite of salty with a rush of sweet, melty caramel followed by a hit of dark chocolate. You can also get milk chocolate, but I believe that salty caramel goes best with dark chocolate. I know about these things, people.

Chocolate ApothecaryChocolate Apothecary

Chocolate Apothecary is where you can get lost for two hours looking at the beautiful chocolates from around the world. There is so much that is delicious there from the authentic drinking chocolate to artisanal cheeses and olive oils and balsamic vinegars. But I digress. For a great chocolate pick, go for the chocolate with an unusual element like lavender, lemon or orange. It’s Valentine’s Day after all…get a little funky with your chocolate self!

Hallett's ChocolatesHallett's Chocolates

Hallett’s Chocolates has a pretty impressive array of candies and fudge but I’d put my money on the habanero caramels. They are spicy-sweet with a quick kick of heat enrobed in dark or milk chocolate. Buy a box or just a few. So good.

Bloem Flowers, Chocolates and PaperieBloem's Flowers, Chocolate and Paperie

Bloem’s Flowers, Chocolate and Paperie is a one-stop-shop. Forget Valentine’s Day last year and really need to impress your sweetie? Get a gorgeous card, with a bouquet and some European Style Truffles in the big box. They are as beautiful as they are delicious. Plus, the whole shebang will take you ten minutes to procure and be on your way. You’re welcome.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company in SpokaneRocky Mountain Chocolate Company

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company has candies, fudge and a ton of apples dipped in caramel and white and dark chocolate. A chocolate dipped green apple makes a sweet-tart bite that is really easy to share. Kind of like the whole spaghetti scene in Lady and a Tramp but with a chocolate drenched apple!

Whatever you do for your sweetie this year … get in the spirit of the “Love Holiday.” We can never share our love with one another enough in this crazy world and it only gets better with chocolate!