Spokane is known for two huge events, Bloomsday and Hoopfest. Both have world-wide popularity and attract participants from around the globe! So it's about time they got connected, right?

Ahem...attention all sports gurus! I am proud to introduce (drum roll please) the Bloomsday|Hoopfest Team Championship (BHTC)! What a brilliant idea! The way it works is that you and three of your closest race-loving hoopsters sign up for Bloomsday and race in it on May 2nd. Do it, and get a sweet court location on Hoopfest weekend!

Since we like head starts, here's how you can sign up now. First, make sure everyone you want on your Hoopfest team is registered for Bloomsday. On-time registration runs through April 18th (which means you'll get a better deal on the registration fee), and late registration closes the first day of May.  Next, sign up your team for Hoopfest which is held on June 26th and 27th this year. Guaranteed registration ends on May 3rd and depending on space, teams can sign up through May 17th, so you better register soon!  Finally, fill out the BHTC application form before Bloomsday and pay $100 for your whole team to get in. Just remember that your team for Bloomsday and Hoopfest must stay the same to remain qualified for BHTC!

Also, if you get signed up for the race AND submit your BHTC form by tax day (April 15th), your team gets priority seeding in Bloomsday! Now that's pretty cool if you ask me.

So it's officially time to pull your running shorts out of the drawer, pump air into that basketball and prepare yourself for the Bloomsday|Hoopfest Team Championship!