I finally got snowshoes.  This is a big step (no pun intended) because I always liked the idea of snowshoeing, but not necessarily the act of snowshoeing.  It always seemed like SO much work to me.  See, I also love to downhill ski.  And the beauty of downhill skiing is that it requires little to no work to access thousands of vertical feet and acres of fresh powder.  So why did I finally break down and get snowshoes?  Three reasons:  It's great exercise, it's cheap and I can backcountry ski in places no one else has touched.  Awesome, I know.  There's only one problem . . . okay, two problems.  First, I've never snowshoed a day in my life.  Second, I have no idea where to snowshoe around Spokane.  The first problem can be easily remedied with practice.  But where should I go to get this practice?  I've heard Mount Spokane State Park is THE place to snowshoe.  Any suggestions?