DRG IRW BlogThe first reason I love Restaurant Week is that so far we have dined at three restaurants where we have never had dinner before - isn't that part of the fun? We live in the Spokane Valley and dining in Northwest Spokane is rarely on our way to something from where we live, but now that we've discovered the dinner menu at Downriver Grill we will go there again. The moment we walked in my son said, "We've been here before for lunch - don't they have those great fries with gorgonzola?" Yes, so we started with the fries before tackling the Restaurant Week menu. Our server was attentive and understood the flavors for our entrees and was a very good guide for our culinary journey. I enjoyed the DRG Salad and the Spiced Rubbed Flat Iron steak, it has a little bite to it which I appreciated and it was accompanied by delicious brussel sprouts (one of my favorites). They were very busy (due to Restaurant Week) and had already served all their Bananas Foster Bread Pudding so they offered a different selection of desserts which were delightful and decadent.

Fleur de Sel IRW BlogThe second reason I love Restaurant Week is that the website and The Inlander provide great information to help you decide where to go and highlights the menu so you anticipate what you'll be experiencing before you get there. I knew before we headed to Beverly's that they have the largest wine collection in the West and I was expecting great service and culinary excellence. They met all my expectations! When you arrive at the Coeur d' Alene Resort and head toward the elevators they have a big sign sending you to Beverly's for Inlander Restaurant Week. The energy for an exciting week was balanced by the calm and quiet service where they enable you to relax and capture the time with whomever you are with. The evening was wonderful!

The third reason I like restaurant week is that it is family friendly or just for couples - you decide. We have a tween who is usually willing to try new things but does not always like his choices. Last night we ate at Fleur de Sel in Post Falls. We had not heard of it before this week and are very glad that we dined there. The description of casual yet elegant fits them and everyone was gracious, passionate about their culinary offerings and it all came together at our table. Our son said several time during his entree, "this is the best pork I have ever had..." and he ate the Smoked Salmon Panisse Bites with such enthusiasm I was impressed. When ordering dessert he asked if he could have the ‘Colonel' with just the lemon sorbet (it is listed as having Absolute citron vodka).

And finally, rather than continue with my long list of why I love Restaurant Week I'll end with this - Inlander Restaurant Week introduces us not only to places we may not have tried yet, but it also connects us to our neighborhoods and community at large through the creativity of our local chefs, the artists who produce the fine wines, brews, and distilleries, and the servers who help provide the enjoyment of pausing to savor the moment. Where will you dine before Inlander Restaurant Week comes to a close on Sunday?