Get LitCalling all book worms! The 15th Annual Get Lit! Literary Festival is taking place April 8-14 at various Spokane locations. Whether you read the classics, Twilight, or everything in-between, you want to attend this festival. Here are a few reasons why:

Incredible Line-up
The authors who speak at the festival are enough reason alone to attend. Each year, the festival coordinators amaze me with their picks, every year better than the last. Previous authors include Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Louis Lowry and Salman Rushdie. This year's headliner is the prolific Joyce Carol Oates! Other impressive presenting authors can be found here, many from the Spokane region.

More than Just Reading
While a good portion of the event is author presentations, there are also panel discussions, workshops, and poetry slams. One cool feature to this year's program is an author and artist collaboration at Chase Gallery in Spokane City Hall. Love science? There will also be a presentation at Mobius Science Center titled Gifts of the Crow, which studies the relationship between humans and crows. So, not only do you get to read books, you can experience them!

All Ages and Levels of Book Nerds Welcome
It may be cliché to say but it's true - Get Lit! has something for everyone. There is a poetry slam for every age group from kid to adult. Author presentations include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and youth. If you love to think and discuss, a panel event might be good for you to attend. If you would rather chat about what you're reading in a casual setting, try the Pie and Whiskey event. Feeling French? Participate in the Poetry Salon! You can check out the event schedule here.

Ability to Pick and Choose
Non-fiction not your favorite? Struggle to appreciate poetry? That's okay. The beauty of Get Lit! is you can pick and choose which events you want to attend. Of course, attending the entire event is encouraged and a festival pass is just $40. There are also many free readings.

Whether you are a Get Lit! pro or are attending for your first time, get lit up at Get Lit!