My boyfriend and I love food. We've made it our mission to try every restaurant in Spokane at least once. So, we decided to try out Spokane's new food tour called Your City Bites.

The tour began at the red wagon in Riverfront Park at 1:30pm with 11 people in tow (12 is the max per tour). After we were given a water bottle and headset so that we could hear our friendly guide, Kim, we were off!


Bartlett's Donuts


As we walked through Riverfront Park, Kim gave us some background. The location of Riverfront Park used to be a train depot until it was demolished to make room for the park to host the world's fair that took place in Spokane in 1974. In the midst of our walk through the park we stopped at Bartlett's Mini Doughnuts. We watched the prep of our doughnuts which were served up in a lemon yellow paper bag. They were airy and covered in sugary goodness! On to Steelhead Bar and Grille.





Steelhead instantly intrigued me. The restaurant puts off a super cool vibe. We were served steelhead with cream cheese on a crostini. This crostini would make the perfect appetizer, and I can't wait to go back for lunch or dinner and try out more of the menu.



Soulful SoupsNext stop on the tour was Soulful Soups and Spirits, another spot with awesome ambiance that actually changes throughout the day! From 11am-3pm the place acts mainly as a restaurant with soups that are uncovered at the counter and a menu displayed on a garage door. The restaurant then closes and re-opens at 7pm as a bar, the counters are covered and the garage door is lifted up to showcase the shelves of spirits. Here we sampled a small square of beer bread and tomato basil soup which were amazing.


 Rocky Mountain

My sweet tooth was excited that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was the next stop on our tour. Two caramel apples were sliced up for us to taste, but these weren't your average caramel apples. The first apple we tried was dipped in classic caramel and sprinkled with black and white chocolate chips. I'm not sure I would be able to eat a whole one of these by myself, but the sample was just right! The second apple was covered in caramel and rice krispies. I'm used to apples being crunchy, but the rice krispies added a whole new level of snap, crackle and pop!



Ciao Mambo


Up next? Ciao Mambo, a franchise that started in Whitefish, MT and serves authentic Italian food and fine wine. Here we sampled Tootsie Rolls, but not the kind you're thinking of. This Tootsie Roll was fried egg wrap stuffed with ricotta cheese, and it was delicious!



Our next destination was a history stop. We walked through the historic Davenport Hotel, which is visually stunning. We only peeked inside the Isabella ballroom as it was set up for a wedding. 



The tour came to an end at the Bruttles candy shop with a taste of their famous Soft Peanut Butter Brittle. Made from an old family recipe, the Soft Peanut Butter Brittle was decadent and the perfect end to our tour.



Even though the tour took about two hours, it didn't feel like it with the multiple stops and walking in between. The tours run March-November, taking off at the red wagon every day at 1:30pm. Sign up before the winter months come. You won't regret it!