Spokane Developer Makes Urban Core Accessbile

Jerry Dicker spent decades developing shopping malls in California. Not exactly the best way to express creativity and easy urban living.

Fast forward to 2018 and you’ll see Dicker has been quietly exploring his creative side on downtown Spokane’s west side. Hotel Ruby with its massive murals and marquee that screams, “Life is Art”, the Hotel Ruby 2, Ruby Suites and the historic Bing Crosby Theater all show one man’s effort to help Spokane form a better version of itself.

The man behind the quintessential suburban monstrosities we know as shopping malls has become the poster boy for interesting small projects. Projects like the Montvale Hotel and Montvale Event Center and the new Incrediburger & Eggs restaurant partnership with Chef Adam Hegsted. Dicker has turned long defunct and dead buildings into thriving businesses in a part of downtown that hasn’t had much life in the past several decades.

Through sheer determination and money out of his own pocket, he’s made an entire section of downtown Spokane livable and accessible.

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