A set of spirited patterns help us further celebrate our love for Spokane. Our patterns provide a unified set of supporting graphics that extend our visual language and add richness to the look and feel of our branded materials.

Patterns - Bridges

Patterns - Rivers

Patterns - Mountains


There are nine patterns -- bridges, rivers, mountains, circles, dots, dashes, verticals, horizontals, and diagonals. These patterns represent iconic physical features of the Spokane region as well as a more abstract sense of love, energy and optimism that pervades the area. Graphically, the patterns are derived from the pine tree/heart logo marks.

Patterns - Circles

Patterns - Dots

Patterns - Dashes


The patterns can be used at multiple scales and in myriad combinations to create texture, add interest and/or to delineate compositional areas. They can be used as small embellishments or as large backgrounds, as vertical sidebars or horizontal banners, on solid colors or across photos.

Patterns - Verticles

Patterns - Horizontals

Patterns - Diagonals


The patterns can be used in any of our brand colors. Most often they are used in tone-on-tone combinations (different shades of the like colors), but can also be used in less subtle combinations when desired. When choosing colors, take care that the color contrast between the patterns and the background is appropriate for the intended effect -- for example, high contrast colors might be chosen when the patterns are used as a focal point, while low contrast color might be chosen to avoid compromising the legibility of overlayed text or background imagery.