Images help create a visual narrative of life in Spokane. They add context, visual interest and energy to our materials. They should feature Spokane in its best light, highlighting the unique beauty and vitality of the region.

Brand Center Photography

Brand Center Photography 2

Brand Center Photography 3

Art Direction

Select images that differ in scale to imbue compositions with variety and energy. Avoid exaggerated staging, flash photography, heavy manipulation, artificial filters, color casts, cluttered compositions and poor lighting.


Our images should strive to mirror the diversity of our people. Images of people should reflect our brand personality: active, bold, spirited, social, etc. People should look natural, with the surroundings forming an integral part of the composition. Use natural light when possible. Avoid heavy shadows.

Places and Things

Locations, structures and objects should be shot from interesting and dynamic perspectives and/or depicted in an iconic, uncluttered fashion. Light can be used to lend atmosphere or even a little artistic flair to an image, but colors should look natural and not over manipulated.