Our typographic style and our brand personality share the same attributes: spirited, bold and vivacious. Our typographic styles helps to reinforce the brand personality.


Circular, our brand typeface, is modern, clean and approachable. It is ideal for wide variety of purposes, from body copy to captions, subheads to interactive navigation elements.

Circular BlackCircular Bold

Circular Black ItalicCircular Bold Italic

Circular MediumCircular Book

Cirucular Medium ItalicCircular Book Italic


Generally, use these recommended weights:

  • Black and Bold for headlines
  • Bold and Medium for subheads
  • Medium and Regular for body copy

The use of sentence-case is primarily used to communicate a friendly and approachable tone.


Generally body copy in printed pieces should be 9-11pt. In other instances, type sizes can vary depending on the medium. The important thing is to create hierarchy between headlines and body copy.


Take care that the color of your type has enough contrast with the background to be legible.

System Font Exceptions

Arial is our secondary typeface and should be used when Circular isn't available, such as when using Excel, Word or Google Sheets. Although we prefer the look of Circular, it is primarily for marketing materials, presentations, and proposals where we can control the output or viewing experience.

Why Not Circular?

Using Circular in situations that require the recipient to interact with your document will require them to have the Circular font installed on their computer. Most people are not directly involved with creating marketing will not have Circular installed. If they don't have it installed, then the type will not display or print correctly. As a rule, DO NOT use Circular unless you are producing a pdf document in which the font can be embedded.

Arial BoldArial Regular

Why Arial?

Arial is a standardized font that is common to both Windows and Mac. It is installed on virtually every current computer. Any communication that might need to be viewed, printed, edited, or appended by the recipient should use Arial.

Arial Bold ItalicArial Regular Italic