Alpine Deli

The Alpine Deli is a charming, family-owned German Deli in downtown Spokane. The owners, Andrea Lejeune-Weiler and Darin Weiler, opened their deli on June 4, 2019. Andrea is proud to offer fresh German bread and rolls every day! Some of her bread offerings include pretzel rolls, cheesy pretzel rolls, pepperoni bread, traditional German rolls (Brötchen), and whole-grain and multi-grain breads; her bread rotation varies week to week! You can find a large assortment of European cheeses, and German grocery items. The Alpine Deli works with various butchers throughout the country, all started by Germans, to provide a selection of German lunchmeats and sausages, to please even the most demanding palates. Andrea has recently, for their one-year anniversary, begun making her own Bratwursts in house as well!

In colder months, the Alpine Deli offers a daily soup, and their regular lunch menu gets enhanced with the occasional special. They offer a variety of German baked goods - which vary by time on hand, and seasonal availability - including Zwetschgenkuchen (plum cake), Bienenstich, a variety of streusel cakes, and more! Scones are not a German thing, but due to customer demand they started making scones, and they have become so popular they offer a different flavor every day!

Interested in hearing more? You can see the weekly menu on Facebook, as well as contact them or follow them there for updates!


  • European
  • Fast Casual Dining

Alpine Deli

417 E 3rd Ave
Spokane, WA 99202