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“Beauty in the USA”

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    Our January event is everyone’s favorite--Phyllis Stephens--and she will be speaking on
    “Beauty in the USA”.

    Listen up, Americans: Let's take a second to appreciate all the astounding landscapes Mother Nature has gifted us. From Alaska and Arizona to Maine and New York, here are the most jaw-dropping places in the USA. The beauty of our states and what they have to offer--natural attractions, man-made wonders, and unique local points of interest. It’s impossible to name the most beautiful state in the US, as each of them has its fair share of natural beauty added to the man-made constructions, its own particular character, its own incontestable magic. Nevertheless, the USA offers unforgettable land and cityscapes that range from deserts to lush forests, sparkling skyscrapers to cobblestoned streets. Flowers and trees--you’ll find beauty everywhere.

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