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“Nature & Spirit: Reflections on the Gardens of Kyoto, Japan”

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    Professional Garden Photographer Allan Mandell will present “Nature & Spirit: Reflections on the Gardens of Kyoto, Japan”

    Kyoto is a place well known for its beautiful and historic gardens. The former Imperial capital of Japan for 1,200 years, the city has established an enduring reputation as the cultural center of Japan's traditional arts. Steeped in elegance and fine craftsmanship, there is a pervasive sensibility finely tuned to the changing seasons, reflected not only within the gardens but in the food, the fashion, the architecture, the crafts--in fact all aspects of art and design.

    Gardens are an art form, and art can operate on many levels--intellectual, sensory, emotional and spiritual. Allan Mandell is interested in exploring these questions: What is a garden? What is 'seeing' in a garden? How does Japanese culture and aesthetics influence this? And most interestingly, what effect does the experience of being in a garden have on the viewer?

    In this visually stunning presentation, he would like to explore these questions and offer thoughts gleaned from repeated visits to the gardens of Kyoto throughout the seasons. Images will include Zen temple gardens, estates of scholars and artists, and Imperial villas. The result is sure to bring a quiet peace to your mind and soul.

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