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Growing Your Hummingbird Habitat Haven

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    On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 6:30pm at CenterPlace, 2426 N Discovery Pl, Spokane Valley, WA, pollinator advocate and award-winning Seattle based garden designer Robin Haglund will share design techniques, plant ideas and more for developing a gorgeous garden filled with vital elements hummingbirds seek for forage, nest-building, raising their brood in “Growing Your Hummingbird Haven.” Don’t just hang up a high-maintenance, refined sugar feeder--discover what it takes to craft a habitat garden that meets the needs of these wondrous birds naturally. The whir of wings must mean the hummingbirds are back. So how can you attract these feathered gems to your yard or balcony? One way is to grow native plants with flowers of red, orange, or purple. Native plants offer nectar in spring and summer, and they also attract insects--the most important part of a hummingbird’s diet. Native plants also provide cover and a natural, sustainable habitat that welcomes birds to your yard. Just add a source of water for drinking and bathing, and you’ll have a hummingbird haven to call your own. This is a free event.