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Kathy Gale, Gordon Wilson, and Michael De Forest Exhibition

  • overview

    The Art Spirit gallery is proud to showcase the new work of three accomplished artists of our region – oil painters Kathy Gale and Gordon Wilson and mixed media artist Michael de Forest.

    Kathy Gale, Dalton Gardens, ID

    A traditional artist in today’s visual art world, Kathy’s work leans heavily toward impressionism while flirting with abstraction. The artist’s new body of work captures the refreshing beauty of landscapes and imagery she discovered during her summer travels through Montana and Idaho. Lush pastures, stately grain elevators, and vibrant rivers serve as subjects.

    For this body of work, Gale extends gratitude to Steve Gibbs, founder of The Art Spirit Gallery, for encouraging her to alter her technique. “Steve was an amazing coach, always positive. Even weeks before he passed, he pulled me aside and encouraged me to use more paint. This was my goal; I did it for Steve.” The artist’s recent paintings also reflect her experimentation with different surfaces and mediums.

    Gale holds a bachelor of arts degree from Gonzaga University. For many years she resided in the Seattle area, painting for individual and corporate clients. She has participated in various art events in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area and, with the help of local artist Teresa McHugh, started the CDA Artists’ Studio Tour. The Art Spirit Gallery has proudly shown Gale’s work since 2005.

    Gordon Wilson, Spokane, WA

    For over four decades, Gordon Wilson has been a professor of art at Whitworth University, where he specializes in painting, drawing, and figure drawing instruction.

    For the upcoming February exhibit at The Art Spirit Gallery, Wilson’s collection is split between whimsical animal narratives and plein air paintings that invoke a strong sense of mood and place. Pieces in the new series were completed during summer trips to Orvieto, a majestic medieval hilled town in Umbria, Italy. According to the artist, “Imagery for paintings comes from personal experience and travel. The landscapes I paint explore relationships of natural and man-made environments, and the public spaces provide cultural and environmental information about their inhabitants”

    Wilson earned a bachelor of science degree from Portland State University and a master of fine arts degree from Fort Wright College, where he studied under master teacher B. Frank Moss. His works have been included in a variety of invitational and juried regional and national exhibits and in a number of collections, including Portland State University, Whitworth University, Northwest Museum of Art and Culture, Stony Brook School and Concordia University Austin. Wilson has exhibited his work at The Art Spirit Gallery since 2009.

    Michael de Forest, Portland, OR

    Originally a furniture maker, de Forest has evolved from making balanced, high-end furniture to creating work that is less conventional, even quirky. His best known piece in the area is a six-feet-tall blue and yellow carved mask that for months welcomed visitors at The Art Spirit Gallery.

    The artist’s new collection is titled “Boxes of Instinct and Knowing,” and features trout and salmon carved boxes from poplar and painted with milk paint, a medium commonly used in parts of Africa. De Forest finds inspiration in these Samonids as they are “significant beings in our life experience and our mythic journey. They teach us the physical and emotional significance of place and environment, showing us that our independence is necessary to our life and survival.”

    De Forest currently teaches at the Oregon College of Art and Craft and at Catlin Gabel School. The artist received his master of fine arts degree from the Minneapolis College or Art and Design. The Art Spirit Gallery is honored to exhibit his work.