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Lagunitas Beer Dinner

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    Cochinito Welcomes

    Lagunitas Brewing

    October 20th, 2019

    6 pm- $69



    Preserved wild mushroom taco “vampiro”- grilled flour tortilla, asadero cheese sauce, rosemary oil, pear salsa, smoked pepita


    Born Yesterday

    Smoked trout, chicories, hominy, tangerine, grapefruit and tarragon vinaigrette



    Steamed clams, chorizo verde, beer, butter, fennel, leek, Meyer lemon gremolata



    Fried green tomato, ham, basil, preserved summer tomato, truffle, green apple


    Brown Shugga

    Braised beef cheek, tomalito, sugar cane gastrique, creamed brussels sprouts,

    candied hazelnut


    Vintage Gnarlywine

    Pumpkin flan, pomegranate, pine nut brittle, mezcal whip

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