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Reading with Eowyn Ivey

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    Eowyn Ivey is on tour for her paperback edition of To the Bright Edge of the World and she's coming to Spokane! Her second novel, set in 1885 in the same gorgeous Alaskan landscape as The Snow Child, follows Colonel Allen Forrester and his wife to military barracks in the far forlorn North. Forrester is commissioned with navigating the impassable Wolverine River, the key to Alaska's huge reserves of gold. All previous attempts have been met with tragedy. Forrester's pregnant wife, Sophie, is worried: she does not want to stay in the barracks while her husband traverses dangerous terrain, and her pregnancy is showing signs of trouble. The same magic that illuminated The Snow Child threads through the pages of To the Bright Edge of the World, earning Ivey additional recognition as a skillful writer of historical fiction and gloriously detailed novels.

    Eowyn Ivey's first novel, The Snow Child, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction and an international bestseller. She's been shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award; is the winner of the 2017 PNBA Book Award; and her newest novel, To the Bright Edge of the World, was named Best Book of the Year by Bend Source. Eowyn was raised in Alaska and continues to live there with her husband and two daughters.