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Restaurant Week Rejects

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    Restaurant Week Rejects!- 

    Due to our modern, counter style of service, Cochinito Taqueria, Zona Blanca, and Biscuit Wizard do not meet the eligibility requirements to participate in Inlander's Restaurant Week.  We love Restaurant Week, and the chance it gives us to provide a great deal to our regulars, and to meet some new guests who are excited to find more places to dine and support their local food scene.  SO, instead of leaving you hanging, chefs Jeremy Hanson, Chad White and Travis Dickinson are coming together to do it ourselves.  Come support the Rejects and have 3 great meals at the lowest restaurant week price in town.  

    Cochinito Taqueria

    Zona Blanca

    Biscuit Wizard/Common Crumb/Black Label Brewing


    Febuary 18- March 2

    $19 -3 course menus available at the above locations


    Biscuit Wizard/Common Crumb/Black Label Menu

    • 1st Course options
      • Burger and Fries
      • Anything from the Biscuit Wizard menu
    • 2nd Course options
      • One of anything from Common Crumb
    • 3rd Course options
      • A beer from Black Label Brew Co. 

    Zona Blanca Menu

    • 1st Course options
      • Guacamole and Chips
      • Dorilocos
    • 2nd Course options
      • Choice of any Ceviche Tostada
      • Choice of any Torta
    • 3rd Course options
      • Champurado Ice Cream
      • Jamaica y Coco Sorbet



    Cochinito Taqueria Menu

    • 1st Course options
      • Elote
      • Chorizo Queso and Chips
      • Chips and Guacamole
    • 2nd Course options
      • Any 2 tacos with Rice and beans
    • 3rd Course options
      • Churros with chocolate or cajeta dipping sauce
      • Horchata panna cotta with chile mango coulis and candied almond
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