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South American Plants and then Some

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    Sam Decker is a young "botanist" who resides in Western Washington, namely the small town of Kingston. His presentation on Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 6:30pm at CenterPlace, 2426 N Discovery Pl, Spokane Valley, WA is entitled "South American Plants and then Some" and will center on hardy South American plants with some other choice plants. The term hardy is shaky but he will attempt to choose plants hardy to at least USDA cold hardy zone 7. The South American region produces some interesting plants. A great example of these plants in a genus some may know, namely Gunnera. An exemplary species is Gunnera tinctoria, which Sam can assure you a small adult could fit under. A few of his favorite plants that he has cultivated come from the genus Arisaema, one you're sure to see in his presentation. A large, diverse genus of about 200 species, they can be found in most continents. Many species are said to look like they ate a mouse. The common name is Cobra Lily, which explains how the flower looks. Or should he say spathe, as the real flowers (up to hundreds on one plant) are carried on a stalk called a spadix, enveloped inside the spathe. Hopefully the magic Sam sees in these plants you will find also. Open to new experiences, Sam looks forward to seeing some of you again and meeting new friends. He is certainly the youngest speaker The Inland Empire Gardeners has ever had. Here’s hoping the younger generation will continue to support the horticulture world.