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Spring Flannery Lecture

  • overview

    The Flannery Chair of Roman Catholic Theology is an endowed Chair gift of the late Maud and Milo
    Flannery of Spokane, to further excellence of theological study and teaching at Gonzaga University. An
    outstanding theologian is invited to GU twice per year to deliver The Flannery Lecture.

    Immigration is often framed in terms of crisis management, rather than by addressing underlying economic,
    political and cultural contributing factors. In the US context in particular, political rhetoric has often masked
    complicity, abetted human rights violations and betrayed the nation’s founding principles. The lenses that shape
    the (quickly shifting) immigration debate in the US can distort the realities that migrants face and become
    surrogates for other cultural and political concerns. Focusing solely on economics or fear-based approaches
    too often de-humanizes newcomers. In the Flannery lecture I will explore contributions that Scripture and the
    Catholic social tradition offer an immigration dialogue in light of these realities. Resources from Christian ethics
    challenge the dominant, instrumentalist frameworks and offer a counternarrative of civic kinship with moral,
    spiritual and policy implications.