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The TEN Tenors - Wishing You Were Here

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    Fresh off the success of their 20th Anniversary World Tour, The TEN Tenors return with their new show Wish You Were Here, a celebration of musical legends lost before their time. In this heartfelt tribute, Australia’s "vocal wonder from down under" (Broadway World) will take you on a feel-good journey through some of the world’s greatest hits of all time, including some of the group’s own fan favorites - classic rock anthems, current day chart toppers, even soaring arias of Verdi and other traditional favorites.

    "Their sound, though, is what's truly sexy. The cluster of high voices generates pure electricity..." - Los Angeles Times

    With over 700 sold-out shows across the United States, six albums that have gone platinum and gold, and multiple television appearances and performances alongside the likes of Christina Aguilera and Andrea Bocelli, The TEN Tenors will impressed with their high vocal range and Aussie charm.