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Wheatland Bank Free Horse and Carriage Rides

  • overview

    Wheatland Bank Horse and Carriage Rides will clip along starting Black Friday through Christmas Eve. Enjoy the sights from a horse drawn carriage, sing your favorite carols with family and friends, and sit back to enjoy the ride.

    Pick-up at Riverfront Park at the Visit Spokane Visitor’s Center located next to the Rotary Fountain, across from Wheatland Bank (Howard and Spokane Falls Blvd)

    To prevent the spread of COVID-19, added precautions have been implemented for 2020:

    • Riders are required to pre-register for a specific time-slot and may not gather in-line for an extended period of time
    • Hand Sanitizer will be installed on the carriage and riders will be required to use before boarding the carriage.
    • A plexiglass divider has been installed between the driver and the carriage wagon.
    • A plexiglass divider has been installed down the center of the carriage isle.
    • The Driver will be required to wear a face covering at all times while driving.
    • The Host will be required to wear a face covering at all times.
    • In-between each ride, the Host will wipe down all seats, seat backs, and plexiglass with a nontoxic cleaning solution.
    • Maximum number of riders is 6.
    • Groups will be asked to confirm they are all members of the same household.
    • Two groups may be permitted to ride as long as they remain on either side of the isle plexiglas.

    Please remember the horses require breaks and plenty of water, and that they may be more numerous during cold weather. Official breaks are 5-6pm on Fridays and 2-3pm on Saturday/Sundays.