⏱ Bach to the Future: A Musical Journey Through Time

Apr 27th

Show starts at 7pm

A Musical Journey Through Time from Classical Roots to Rock Revolution!

Join the Holy Names Music Center for an enthralling concert "⏱ Bach to the Future: A Musical Journey Through Time," a captivating event set for April 27th at 7:00 PM. This concert offers a unique experience combining cinematic allure and classical sophistication, all in support of a vital cause.

Dive into 1982 with the event's protagonists, the co-executive directors Dr. Archie Chen and Rhona Gouldson-Chen. They find themselves in a scenario reminiscent of Marty McFly's, facing a future where the Holy Names Music Center is at risk of losing its beloved location. Determined to preserve their musical heritage, they embark on an exceptional journey. With a time-traveling grand piano, echoing the famous DeLorean and equipped with its own flux capacitor, they are hurled back to the era of Johann Sebastian Bach. Their mission is not just about musical discovery but altering historical events to safeguard the future of the Holy Names Music Center. Join them to find out if their daring efforts can secure the center's legacy. The concert holds the key to this thrilling saga!

Our heroes journey through time, encountering masterpieces that transcend ages, such as Beethoven's Gassenhauer Trio, Mozart's Piano Quartet, and Debussy's enchanting Epigraphes antiques. The narrative will be enriched with a diverse musical tapestry, featuring everything from soprano opera solos to the rhythmic "Night Train" and the energetic "Johnny Be Good," each seamlessly integrating into the story and reflecting the adventures and epochs traversed.

Imagine stepping into McNally Recital Hall, transformed into a scene straight out of a timeless film, complete with a 1797 Broadwood piano and its modern counterpart sharing the stage. The ambiance is further enriched with a majestic clock reminiscent of the one from "Back to the Future," along with other iconic relics from the movie, setting the stage for chamber and solo performances. Adding to this immersive experience, there will be a real DeLorean on display, courtesy of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club. This iconic vehicle will be parked at the center, offering everyone a unique opportunity to take photos with and admire up close. This setting promises to be as visually captivating as it is audibly enchanting, merging historical elegance with cinematic nostalgia.

Holy Names Music Center At Spokane Falls Community College

3910 W Custer Drive
Spokane, WA 99224