Bass Battle

Aug 1st

Every Day Aug 1-19th

Bass Battles on Newman Lake is a unique event called a "Tag Tournament" that bridges competitive fishing with fisheries science. This is a catch and release event that uses the mobile app MyCatch. Once a bass is caught, anglers take a picture of the bass on a measuring board using the app, record a tag number if present, and then release the fish back into the water. For this event, ALL BASS CAUGHT must be entered into the app. If a tagged fish is caught, record the tag number in the appropriate line on the app. The app provides real-time leaderboard where anglers are ranked based on the longest fish.The scientific purpose of this event is to estimate the population of bass in Newman Lake by having anglers report EVERY fish they catch and also report the fish that have tags. By comparing the ratio of tagged to untagged fish, a population estimate can be calculated

Newman Lake

12515 NE Newman Lake Dr
Newman Lake , WA 99025

Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, August 14
  • Friday, August 19