Dancing with Life: Mexican Masks

Jan 27th to Apr 16th

Hours Tues-Sun 10A-5P

Visitors to the MAC are sure to be surprised and delighted by many colorful and exciting Mexican masks from the museum's permanent collection. With a regional focus in Michoacan, Mexico, this exhibit features more than 50 dance masks with roots in the celebration of religious holidays, as well as dance costumes and videos featuring the artists and dancers. Across Mexico, mask-making is a vibrant and playful art form, depicting everything from animals, devils and holy figures, to celebrities from contemporary politics and culture. The masks are a fascinating window into Mexican culture. Exhibition curator Pavel Shlossberg, Ph.D. from Gonzaga is an expert on the masks. "We're thrilled with this collaboration with Gonzaga," said Wes Jessup, Exec. Dir. of the MAC. "Pavel's knowledge was the key for interpreting this work and organizing this wonderful exhibition. The masks are riveting! Grotestque, saintly, colorful and humorous," Jessup said.

Northwest Museum Of Arts & Culture

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