Funny Funny Funny Joke Joke Joke - Sam Miller - Live Stand-Up Comedy

Dec 7th

Sam Miller

Imani Denae

Jared Lyons-Wolf

w/host Josiah Carlson

Sam Miller is a nationally touring comedian from Olympia, Washington. He is 6 foot 6, 360 pounds, has two kids, (one of them is on purpose) he's been married for 12 years, and has been clean and sober for 15 years. Sam likes to make jokes about what it's like to be a sober parent. He also likes to make jokes about what jails like in Yakima. His first album and special, Round Trip, was recorded and filmed under the tutelage of Grammy-winning producer Dan Schlissel, whose indie label, Stand Up! Records, Sam had recently signed a three-album deal with. Round Trip was released October 27th 2023 and immediately went to number one on the iTunes Comedy Charts. It even broke into the top 200 overall charts. Sam is a recurring guest and has been heard by an estimated 2.5 million listeners on the nationally syndicated "Bob & Tom Radio Show." He has written for Newsweek. He has over 65,000 followers on Facebook, 16,000+ on Instagram, and 29,000+ on TikTok. Sam has multiple videos with well over one million views on all platforms including a Facebook Reel that has over 8 million views.

Funny Funny Funny Joke Joke Joke is a unique comedy experience that takes full advantage of the Garland Theater's projector system, combining stand-up comedy, live sketches, and other mixed-media comedic bits!

6:30 Doors / 7:30 Showtime

The Garland Theater

924 W Garland Ave
Spokane, WA 99205