In A Landscape: Manito Park

Jul 20th

IN A LANDSCAPE guests explore the surrounding environment while listening to the music through wireless headphones, creating an immersive experience that fosters a connection with the music, nature, and with one another. Explore the full 2024 series at

About this location:

Join us for our first visit to Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. From the Algonquian word manitou, Manito Park is a sprawling 90-acre public park in Spokane’s South Hill filled with towering pine, exposed basalt, an arboretum, and botanical gardens. The nearby Duncan Garden is a symmetrical formal 3-acre European garden with a large granite fountain, designed and built in 1913. The piano will be situated on the large grassy area east of Duncan Garden.

Photo: Arthur Hitchcock for IN A LANDSCAPE.

Manito Park - East of Duncan Garden

1702 S Grand Blvd
Spokane, WA 99203